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 LU Yi,WANG Tao,TIAN Zhaojun,et al.Test study on formation mechanism of cement-based foam and inhibition for spontaneous combustion of coal pile[J].JOURNAL OF SAFETY SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY,2017,13(7):87-91.[doi:10.11731/j.issn.1673-193x.2017.07.014]





Test study on formation mechanism of cement-based foam and inhibition for spontaneous combustion of coal pile
(1.湖南科技大学 南方煤矿瓦斯与顶板灾害预防控制安全生产重点实验室,湖南 湘潭 4112012.湖南科技大学 资源环境与安全工程学院,湖南 湘潭 411201)
LU Yi12 WANG Tao2 TIAN Zhaojun2 PANG Min2
(1. Work Safety Key Lab on Prevention and Control of Gas and Roof Disasters for Southern Coal Mines, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan Hunan 411201, China; 2. School of Resource, Environment and Safety Engineering, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan Hunan 411201, China)
spontaneous combustion of coal cement-based foam formation mechanism seepage cooling
煤炭开采面临煤自然发火等灾害的严重威胁,在分析现有防灭火技术特征的基础上,制备了1种水泥基泡沫材料。探讨了水泥基泡沫形成机理,包括水基泡沫与浆液扰流混合发泡,表面活性剂增加颗粒疏水性及颗粒稳定泡沫液膜,液膜中水泥、粉煤灰颗粒水化反应及促凝剂加速凝结固化。搭建了小型抑制煤堆自燃试验平台,开展了煤堆自燃温升变化及黄泥浆、无机凝胶、阻化泡沫、水泥基泡沫等防灭火介质降温效果试验,结果表明:水泥基泡沫具有向上堆积的能力,能对高温煤颗粒进行覆盖、包裹,并具有较好的热稳定性,总体降温性能最佳;压注后,监测时间0~900 s内,径向距离为0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.5 m处温度分别从376.98,376.00,374.38,372.14,369.27 ℃下降到21,26,29,35,42 ℃。
The spontaneous combustion of coal and other disasters seriously threaten the coal mining. Based on analyzing the characteristics of existing fire prevention and extinguishing technologies, a cement-based foam material was prepared. The formation mechanism of cement-based foam was discussed, including the turbulence mixed foaming of water-based foam and slurry, the surfactant enhances the particle hydrophobicity and the particle stabilizes the foam liquid membrane, and the hydration reaction of cement and fly ash particles in the liquid membrane and the coagulant accelerates the congealment and solidification. A small test platform on the inhibition for spontaneous combustion of coal pile was established, and the tests on the temperature rise change for spontaneous combustion of coal pile and the cooling effect of the fire prevention and extinguishing mediums such as yellow mud, inorganic gel, retarding foam and cement-based foam were carried out. The results showed that the cement-based foam had the ability to accumulate upward, which can cover and wrap the high temperature coal particles, and had good thermal stability. Its overall cooling performance was the best. After injection, in the monitoring time of 0-900 s, the temperature at the radial distance of 0.1 m, 0.2 m, 0.3 m, 0.4 m and 0.5 m decreased from 376.98℃, 376.00℃, 374.38℃, 372.14℃ and 369.27℃ to 21℃, 26℃, 29℃, 35℃ and 42℃ respectively.


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