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 YANG Mian,WU Chao.Study on eye movement characteristics of operators in confined space of deep well[J].JOURNAL OF SAFETY SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY,2016,12(11):188-192.[doi:10.11731/j.issn.1673-193x.2016.11.032]





Study on eye movement characteristics of operators in confined space of deep well
(中南大学 资源与安全工程学院,湖南 长沙 410083)
YANG Mian WU Chao
(School of Resources and Safety Engineering, Central South University, Changsha Hunan 410083, China)
深井受限空间眼动特征行为安全 眼动仪
deep well confined space eye movement characteristics behavior safety eye tracker
为探索能反映深井受限空间对作业者影响程度的眼动指标,为井下行为安全管理提供依据,将20名眼动指标相近的成员随机分为A,B两组,分别在普通环境中和高温深井环境中开展实验,以文献摘要为刺激材料,运用Tobii X2-30眼动仪进行眼动测量,运用单因素多元方差分析及多重比较法分析眼动数据。发现注视点总数、总注视时间、眼跳次数和总眼跳时间指标的差异有显著性,B组值大于A组;注视点平均注视时间、平均眨眼时间、平均瞳孔直径和总眼跳时间占比等指标无显著差异;两组被试的注视轨迹变化显著,因此 对井下人员的生理信息采集应当注重5个关键的眼动指标。
To explore the eye movement indexes which can reflect the influence degree of confined space in deep well on operators, so as to provide basis for underground behavior safety management, the experiments were carried out in the general environment and high temperature deep well environment respectively by dividing 20 members with similar eye movement indexes into group A and group B randomly. Taking the literature summary as stimulus materials, the Tobii X2-30 eye tracker was used to carry out eye movement measurement, and the data of eye movement was analyzed by using the single-factor multivariate variance analysis and multiple comparison method. It showed that the difference of fixation points amount, total fixation time, saccade count and total saccade time was significant, and the measured values of group B were higher than those of group A. The average fixation time, average blink time, average pupil diameter and proportion of total saccade time had no significant difference. The fixation tracks of two groups changed significantly. So the physiological information collection of underground personnel should pay attention to five key eye movement indexes.


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