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 WANG Lei,XIE Guang-xiang,TANG Yong-zhi,et al.Study on safe sealing of corner in high gas working face by flexible airbag[J].JOURNAL OF SAFETY SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY,2015,11(6):18-24.[doi:10.11731/j.issn.1673-193x.2015.06.003]





Study on safe sealing of corner in high gas working face by flexible airbag
王磊1 谢广祥1 唐永志2 李家卓1 牛心刚3
(1. 安徽理工大学 深部采动响应与灾害防控安徽省重点实验室,安徽淮南232001 2. 淮南矿业(集团)有限责任公司,安徽淮南232001;3. 中煤科工集团重庆研究院,重庆400039)
WANG Lei1 XIE Guang-xiang1 TANG Yong-zhi2 LI Jia-zhuo1NIU Xin-gang3
(1.Anhui Province Key Laboratory of Mining Response and Disaster Prevention and Control in Deep Coal Mine, Anhui University of Science and Technology, Huainan Anhui 232001, China; 2. Huainan Mining Group Co., Huainan Anhui 232001, China; 3. Chongqing Research Institute of China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Corporation, Chongqing 400039, China )
高瓦斯 隅角 柔性气囊 安全封堵
high gas corner flexible airbag safe sealing
In order to solve the problems of high labor intensity and low efficiency of workers, and bad sealing effect being easily to cause the overrun of gas concentration in corner of high gas working face, a light flexible airbag for corner sealing with a combination structure of mine fire retardant internal and external liner was designed, and the new corner sealing method by single hydraulic prop working with light flexible airbag was proposed accordingly. Through laboratory tests and the in-situ Industrial test, it showed that the airbag selecting PVC and double-resisting coating cloth materials has a small mass and is light and practical, which can considerably reduce the labor intensity of workers and increase the working efficiency, and decrease the residual coal waste by the traditional sealing way of woven bag filling with breaking coal. The airbag can fit with large deformation (the deformation rate can reach 42.5%), and it has high impact resistance (without failure under impact energy of 20000 J), strong tear resistance, flame retardant properties, and high repetition usage ratio, so the cost of sealing corner can be lowered significantly. The gas concentration in the gob increased significantly after sealing by flexible airbag, which showed that the tightness increased and the safe sealing effect was obvious.


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国家“973”计划前期研究专项(2014CB260403) ;教育部新世纪优秀人才资助计划(NCET-12-0599);国家自然科学基金项目(U1361208)
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